~}PRO{~ Clan

------> INACTIVE INGAME <------


Hello there and welcome on the PRO site, this site is created by

Everybody can join this clan! Except if you are in an another clan

In this clan all members can recruit new people in this site and ingame.


Generation I Leadership:
Antares, Sniper, Black

Generation II Leadership:
Black, Yodasam, PiL

Generation III Leadership:
Black, Yodasam, KiNn

Generation IV Leadership:
Yodasam, KiNn, NoVA, PiL, Anyder

Generation V Leadership:
Yodasam, KiNn, NoVA, Anyder

Generation VI Leadership:
Yodasam, NoVA, Anyder

Generation VII Leadership:
Yodasam, Anyder, Klexmer


~Some memories~

Since the summer from 2011, this clan has lost all his members.More than half of them stopped playing.Some went to 1.2,others just went to other clans. When this clan was on it strongest, we counted 52 members. good times.. everyday 5 pages in the guestbook x).


Huge activiness again! Since the summer of 2012 began, there was a massive comeback of old PRO players! We also did some mass-recruits and soon reached servers of 9 Members in 1 server a day! also with xfire we reached over 14 members in weekends!


And here we are in the same position as previous year. School is approaching so more and more members are inactive. We broke our old record with more then 52 members! Together with the old members returning and the mass-recruits we reached a count of 60 members (this during 2 weeks, later people went inactive again). now the 1st of september school is starting for Yodasam, Kinn and Nova so the faith of PRO lies in the hands of an unknown (future) headleader...


Waw look how fast the time goes by. Wednesday 7 November. The apocalypse of Star Wars Battlefront I. Gamespy shut the mainservers down so nobody could play online. Thank god there were Tunngle... So with about 10 PROs we still are the most active clan. now A.T. and Snp got about the same member count as us. Lion came back, being jaleous and non-respecting to the PRO clan. Still many PROs return: Trace, Demo...


3 years of good and bad days have passed. The clan became stable with a few members. Nico Kars and Trace became good members. They were able to handle situations that's why Kars became the new Dpl. A few less active players like Tsch, Mick, Dabba & ATST8 play every 2 weeks. There are no problems over swb 1.0. it became a calm game,with a small amount of players. but those who play became true legends...


School is over, and we're joining a new generation (VII). We got a german server from Anyder*, what makes 2 locations for the gameservers, Spain and Germany. We have now 2 new commanders, Klexmer and Kars, with the help of our main Diplomat, Nico. Clan is not on its best period, as various members left when Queen/Majesty was banned from PRO (After this, she joined {snp}), but clan is still stable with the legends we have in ....


Mid-August... 2 Leaders have left PRO (Sammy and NoVA), what is a historical fact. Anyder is now leading PRO, with1 more new commander, Eliad (who has been promoted today). Servers are still up for training, but 1.0 got pretty inactive as 1.0 Clan was created in 1.2 , but some members still are playing it. Lets hope Anyder does great as leader alone, so clan can continue alive for some more years.... Long Life ~}PRO{~ !


 Easter is about to come. Last half year, swb 1.0 has gone bad.. really bad. The leaders of PRO all were unactive during half a year. The same goes for other clans. The result: ~}PRO{~ , {snp} and BOB are dead ingame. Only BOB plays 1.2 once and now. But the 2 other clans are done. Only their guestbooks are active. We had great times here, we can't be sad about the fact that it's over now. These moments, these times we had together.. we actually created relationships between each other and we'll never forget each other. ~}PRO{~ was not here for the game. We were here for each other. Friends. Best friends...
~}PRO{~'s :)

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